We hold sustainability at our core and it is the driving force that informs everything we do

“Artists of every kind have one overriding moral duty, which is to do their work as well as possible. But since that work partly consists of responding to what the world itself is up to, it would be strange if the best work being produced didn’t take some account, in some way, of what’s happening to our climate. Art is not only about beauty: sometimes it has to warn.” Philip Pullman, novelist

Our focus on sustainability allows us to pose the big questions and yet make the complex understandable to audiences. Through original touring productions and participatory workshops, we explore important themes such as climate change and equality.

Our performances often use many forms of puppetry, low impact materials, collaboration and digital engagement. The combination entices and inspires audiences of all ages.

We place great importance on global citizenship and environmental sustainability, individual Rights and Responsibilities, equality and social integration – all of which are critical to the success of the Well Being of Future Generations Act.

We are based in a unique near zero carbon arts space in West Wales. Our venue is a unique sustainable building and a work of art in itself, providing a model for others and showing architects and builders what’s possible.