The Healing of Brân is a seminal tale of leadership, betrayal and hope. This spectacular giant is 7.62m or 25ft tall and this production by Small World Theatre is as emotional as it is epic, and a fabulous showstopper at any event.

This is a site specific performance and a unique collaboration between Small World Theatre and the host destination. It requires forward planning in order to engage the community, adapt and utilise the individuality of the place, and finally present a most stunning outcome. For this reason we welcome working with local organisations and actively engaging with other artists and communities.

This is the story of Bendigeidfran’s personal sacrifice, the story of a King’s love for his family, people and lands, which after much treachery, battling and sorrow ends with conciliation. For over a millennium the implicit wisdom in this influential tale from The Mabinogion, has been directing and guiding its many readers. It is time to bring this story into the 21st century and share its wisdom with a much wider audience, beginning with our friends in the Celtic world.  Small World Theatre has used the medieval tale to seek new paradigms using the famous quote ‘a fo ben bid bont..’ which we have interpreted for the purpose of this production to mean ‘there is no leader who is not a bridge…’

This spectacle, with its accessible bilingual narrative, delivers an emotional response to the giant’s plight, which is a compelling reason to stage this production at a time when not only the Celtic worlds, but all of humanity would benefit from a moment of reflection and unity.

For lots more information about The Healing of Brân and to discuss your idea and event, please contact Sam 01239 615 952