Peiriant Newid Pethau | Making a Difference Engine (working title)

Small World Theatre is exploring making a new outdoor performance with biodiversity themes. In this first research and development stage, Making a Difference Engine has become a giant automata with objects unexpectedly popping out of doors, shadow puppetry film and soundscapes. The aim is to continue to a second touring stage to highlight Wales’ unique biodiversity and contribute to personal and community well-being, sense of place and cultural identity.

We have uploaded a short film with shadow puppetry to illustrate the poem ‘Cân yr Hedydd’. The first verse is traditional, the rest added by the poet Cynan in the 20th century. It’s believed that the Lark was a reference to Owain Glyndwr, who was seen to be Wales’ great hope. Small World Theatre has used the poem to refer to the skylark population under threat and questions why the species is in decline in Wales and Europe. This performance was part of the research process of a new project in development 2019 supported by Arts Council Wales.