Adventure Travel Film Double Bill

Adventure Travel Film presents
Doors and bar open 6.30pm

Man with a Pram
Director: Mikael Strandberg
58 mins
Father, daughter Dana (2 year old in a pram) and an English assistant Georgia, set off walking 750 kms from one of the most deprived areas of England (Moss Side) to one of the richest (Buckingham Palace, London). Travelling has always been a way for Mikael to look for, and understand the meaning of life. He tries to understand why Brexit happened and why foodbanks are growing fast. Whilst visiting one of the most expensive private schools in the world, he wonders why many don’t have enough food for the day.

Man With a Camel, Expedition Yemen, 126 Degrees in the Shade
Director: Mikael Strandberg
58 mins
“You´ll die. Or get kidnapped by Al Qaeda. What you want to do is impossible!”
Together with Swedish journalist Tanya Holm, Kensington the Camel and the Bedus (a few of the oldest inhabitants of Arabia) Mikael travels through one of the hottest deserts on earth. They didn’t meet any terrorists, religious extremists and nobody got killed. They didn’t even feel any serious fear. What they found during this adventurous walk in their search of the real Arabia, was a Middle Eastern country very different from the one portrayed in the global media.
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