King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band

Supported by DJ Maya Mitten

The Flying Swordfish’s psychedelic Afro-Latin-music show includes costumes as well as our Aroma Wizard! You are all invited to “A royal tropical island cruise party… racing through the multicoloured jungle in your favourite golden pants.”

The Flying Swordfish fuse African and South American rhythms and melodies to create a unique style of fresh, powerful, highly energetic and fun music. This is a full, festive experience with an evolving palette of smells, lights, ‘exploding-star’ balloons and audience participation in The Battle of Silly String and The Crowd Surfing Flamingo. Prepare to be propelled into a fantastical faraway land through a highly energetic set of music, aromas (oils, pulverising fruit and boiling herbs) “like a psychedelic catapult!” – Rodrigo

Emma Lohan & Julian’s Reluctant SKAafterparty

Emma Lohan is a London-based singer songwriter making waves on the underground UK and Irish Folk Scenes. Her astoundingly beautiful and unique music is described as ‘Atlantic-folk meets ethno-pop’.

Backed by a stellar band comprising of horns, strings, synths and rich harmonies, Emma’s natural approach to live performance is infectious. She bursts onto the stage with carefree banter and musicality. With the voice of Dolores O’Riordan and the poetic lyricism of Leonard Cohen, her single ‘The 8th’ saw nationwide support from activist groups in the UK and Ireland.

To experience her new album ‘Black Atlantic’ live is to be taken on a whirlwind musical trip that embraces her audience from the start. With upbeat guitar licks, rich harmonies, honest lyrics and beautiful arrangements, Lohan invites you to forget your worries and dance.

With Julian’s Reluctant SKAafterparty playing a live set, there’ll be plenty to keep everyone on the dance floor!

“Emma’s put out some gorgeous new music and has continued to mark herself out as one of *the* talents to watch on the London folk scene”Folkroom Fortnightly

Album Art by Marta Barcicowska

Doors open 7:30pm