An exciting Indo-Celtic collaboration between three musicians based in Wales: Rajesh David (Indian vocals), Pete Stacey (saxophone and flute) and Dylan Fowler (guitar). Tyhai’s repertoire includes the ragas and rhythyms of Indian music, verses from Sufi poetry and ancient Sanskrit texts as well as Welsh traditional music and song. Audiences will be delighted and enchanted by the unique blend from two rich cultures.

Dylan Fowler draws his inspirations from European Jazz, traditional music from the Celtic diaspora and particularly his Welsh heritage. Pete Stacey has collaborated with a number of leading Indian classical musicians, including Nishat Khan for whom he arranged and orchestrated a concerto which received its premiere in the Proms 2013. Born into a family of singers in India, Rajesh David is a lyrical performer with a fertile musical imagination.

We’re delighted to welcome NOM NOM to Small World Theatre for this event! They’ll be serving delicious hot chocolate and selling their latest choc bar flavours. Add a tot of dark run for a boozy version…