King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band

Supported by DJ Maya Mitten

The Flying Swordfish’s psychedelic Afro-Latin-music show includes costumes as well as our Aroma Wizard! You are all invited to

A royal tropical island cruise party… racing through the multi-coloured jungle in your favourite golden pants.

The Flying Swordfish fuse African and South American rhythms and melodies to create a unique style of fresh, powerful, highly energetic and fun music. This is a full, festive experience with an evolving palette of smells, lights, ‘exploding-star’ balloons and audience participation in The Battle of Silly String and The Crowd Surfing Flamingo. Prepare to be propelled into a fantastical faraway land through a highly energetic set of music, aromas (oils, pulverising fruit and boiling herbs)

like a psychedelic catapult!

– Rodrigo

Doors open 7:30pm