Shadow Puppet Making

Theatre in a Day!
with Small World Theatre

11am – 4pm
Invite your friends and family to a special performance at 4pm

This is a chance for families to jointly create a unique shadow puppet performance in a day. Taking inspiration from the ocean during Year of the Sea. Not only will you devise a story, but you will be shown shadow puppet making skills and how to create and manipulate your own shadow puppets. After rehearsing your play there will be a final performance for friends and families at 4pm. Suitable for ages 8+.

Please book ahead – limited spaces available. Bring a packed lunch!

richard III redux [or] ‘Sara Beer [is/not] richard III’

Richard III: Bogeyman. Villain. Evil incarnate.

Or is he?

What if he is she?

What if the ‘hideous…. deformed, hobbling, hunchbacked cripple’ is portrayed by someone funny, female, feminist, and with the same form of scoliosis?

How might the story change, the body change, the acting change, the character change when explored by a disabled actress with deadly comic timing and a dislike for horses? How would previous star vehicle Richards measure up? Olivier, McKellan, Pacino, Spacey – watch out – the mighty Richard III Redux has you in the frame….

Following their critically acclaimed collaboration on Cosy, Sara Beer will take on Richard III and his previous (non-disabled) interpreters with award-winning playwright Kaite O’Reilly and director Phillip Zarrilli, joined by filmmaker Paul Whittaker.

Sara Beer… steals the show… a brilliant and disconcerting comic turn…

Gary Raymond ‘The Arts Desk’ on ‘Cosy’ 2016

O Reilly is a writer to cherish…

Lyn Gardner. The Guardian

Running time: approximately 70 minutes. No interval

presented by
The Llanarth Group
starring Sara Beer
Phillip Zarrilli, Artistic Director
Kaite O’Reilly, Resident Playwright/Dramaturg


presented by bgroup & China Plate
commissioned by the Rural Touring Dance Initiative, Warwick Arts Centre and Dance East

The year is 1978, isolated from the mainland, Eric Valentine and Bernard Humphries have been stationed at Echo Point lighthouse, somewhere off the coast of England. The unlikely strangers have just begun to lay down foundations for this odd working relationship when the uncanny occurs.

Renowned international choreographer Ben Wright and musician and writer Stuart Warwick collaborate to bring you bgroup’s most intimate and theatrical production to date.

Point of Echoes is a haunting tale of love, death and monsters, blending the tones of a Wes Anderson movie with the eerie dread of The Twilight Zone.

Giddy, pensive, vulnerable, uncomfortable, sensual….. mysterious yet playfully alive to the moment.

The Times

Supported by Night Out

Audience feedback

“The show is absolutely beautiful and totally transformed the space in the town hall. The whole audience was mesmerised throughout.

“A massive well done to everyone involved in created this amazing piece of work!” Claire Marshall, Carn to Cove

“Body and language combine in beautifully crafted characters to tell a haunting tale of love and loss through dance and theatre. Funny, thoughtful and disturbing in equal measure.” Audience Member

“I loved the tension and physicality in the movement.” Audience Member