Small World Theatre exists to create exciting, innovative, high quality performances that challenge, express and explore assumptions about the world that we all share.

Small World Theatre enables and engages with diverse communities in Wales and overseas to foster well-being through participating in the arts, supporting positive individual behavioural change and bringing arts activity into the heart of community as a social change agent.

Small World Theatre places importance on global citizenship and environmental sustainability, Equality, individual Rights and Responsibilities and social integration.

Strategic Aims

To focus Small World Theatre’s arts-based practice on envisaging positive futures in the face of prodigious challenges such as climate change and inequality, thus delivering the recommendations of Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Act.

To engage with people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities giving access to a wealth of experiences through the arts from small-scale workshops to professional theatre performances to giant out door spectacular shows.

To continue to produce and promote work in the Welsh language and bilingually as an organisation rooted in Wales with an international outlook.

To cultivate emerging talent and foster creative thinking, maintaining and further developing a range of high-quality artistic skills within the company.

To contribute to the local economy by providing employment, working with Associate Artists and delivering events that bring economic return to the area.