Syrcas Byd Bychan – Terms and Conditions

1. Code of Conduct

Small World Theatre expects all Syrcas Byd Bychan students to:

  • respect all other class participants and all teaching staff;
  • arrive on time for classes, including the warm-up;
  • not enter the space until given permission by the teaching staff;
  • wear appropriate clothing for classes;
  • inform the teacher before the warm-up begins if they have an injury or illness;
  • inform their teacher immediately if they begin to feel ill or sustain an injury during the class;
  • be vigilant in watching for anyone in need of help;
  • report any safety concerns, accidents, disruptive behaviour or other incidents to staff at the first opportunity;
  • report to staff if they bleed on the equipment since it will need to be cleaned and possibly quarantined – please avoid working with cut hands or blisters so we can avoid quarantine whenever possible – plasters and tape are available from SBB staff;
  • treat all circus equipment/apparatus with respect;
  • do not interfere with or alter any rigging, unless instructed to help by and under the supervision of Syrcas Byd Bychan staff;
  • help keep the space tidy;
  • leave all valuables at home – Small World Theatre Ltd. will not be held responsible for the loss of any items;
  • be excellent examples of personal and professional conduct.

We reserve the right to exclude participants who break the Code of Conduct or behave dangerously or disrespectfully.

We welcome feedback to improve what we offer at Syrcas Byd Bychan. Please send feedback by email to

2. Bookings, Cancellations and Refunds

Syrcas Byd Bychan Booking Policy

All Syrcas Byd Bychan classes are booked in termly or half-termly blocks. We do not allow drop-ins. Termly class fees are now payable by BACS, in full and in advance of the first class. Admittance to classes will not be permitted if fees have not been paid. If you need to discuss a payment plan to help make payment of fees more manageable, please contact Small World Theatre financial administrator Tim O’Neill

Syrcas Byd Bychan Cancellation Policy

All decisions regarding the running or cancellation of any classes or courses are at the absolute discretion of the Small World Theatre Ltd, whose decision shall be final.

All Syrcas Byd Bychan class or workshop fees are non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by Small World Theatre. If classes are cancelled, we aim to notify Syrcas Byd Bychan students at the earliest possible opportunity and will refund you in full. If you are unable to attend due to an injury incurred during a Syrcas Byd Bychan class, it is at our discretion that a postponement or refund will be offered where possible. To meet the criteria of a medical cancellation, proof in the form of a doctor’s note (confirming that the student is not permitted to participate) must be provided.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we must respond quickly to Welsh Government, Public Health Wales and local authority guidance regarding national or localised lockdowns or schools closures. This can mean that classes need to be cancelled or postponed at short notice. In these circumstances we will let you know as soon as we are informed of a need to cancel class/es and you will be refunded for the session/s that are affected or the fee carried forward into the next term. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you are required to stay at home and self-isolate. In this case your fee will be carried forward into the next term.

Please note our booking and cancellation policies are in place to cover staff wages, building and cleaning overheads, apparatus maintenance and administration costs. As a small organisation we can be heavily impacted by non-payment of fees or last-minute cancellations, particularly at a time when we are only able to operate at a fraction of our normal capacity. We thank you for your support and understanding.

3. COVID Secure Guidelines

Small World Theatre has put stringent COVID-19 secure guidelines in place following consultation with Ceredigion’s Public Services Board Sub Group; Understanding our Communities, and under the guidance of our Board of Trustees. We must ask all our Syrcas Byd Bychan students to please respect and observe these procedures in order to allow classes to run as safely as possible during this pandemic.

  1. You must not attend classes if you believe you may be infected with COVID-19 or have experienced symptoms in the last 14 days. Please also do not attend if you have been in close proximity to anyone who has experiencedsymptoms in the last 14 days or if you have been instructed to self-isolate. For more information please see
  2. Only students will be permitted to enter the building; guests/companions will not be able to enter at any time unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Face masks (three layers of fabric) must be worn at all times inside the building;
  4. Please must arrive 5 minutes before class ready in your practice clothes, to be signed in and temperature-checked;
  5. Please bring your own yoga/gym mat to warm up on;
  6. Please bring your own water bottle (water and vessels cannot be supplied);
  7. Please sanitise hands on entering/leaving the space and regularly during the class when prompted;
  8. Please be mindful of maintaining minimum 2m distancing from others (with the exception of your allocated buddy pair)
  9. Please leave promptly after class so that our teaching team can clean the space.

In turn, Small World Theatre have put the following procedures in place for Syrcas Byd Bychan classes:

  1. All aerial equipment is quarantined for 72 hour minimum between each class;
  2. All students are asked to remain in a buddy pair each term sharing only one piece of apparatus/crash mat and remaining in one demarcated zone for the duration of each class;
  3. All crash mats, touch points (e.g. door handles) and studio floors are sanitised between each class and the building is deep-cleaned once a week;
  4. Face masks are worn by Syrcas Byd Bychan staff at all times during classes;
  5. To ensure optimal air flow, the extractor fan will be operated for 30 minutes minimum between classes and during cardio warm ups;
  6. Wherever possible, spotting (physically assisting a student for safety) will be physically distanced and non-contact. Instead of traditional hands-on spotting, Syrcas Byd Bychan trainers will employ verbal cues, demonstration and other tools. Teaching staff will only use hands-on spotting in the unlikely event of an emergency.

4. Disclaimer

Small World Theatre Ltd. makes every effort to ensure that Syrcas Byd Bychan instruction, equipment and training is as safe as possible. Circus is a highly physical activity and participation in such activities comes with potential risks which cannot entirely be eliminated without jeopardising the essential qualities of the activity.

By registering to participate in any Syrcas Byd Bychan classes, courses or workshops, participants agree to conduct themselves in a safe manner and confirm that they are responsible for their own physical health and ability and partake in the activity at their own risk.