Commitment is a commitment

This CV-19 pandemic’s profound punctuation has allowed the world moments of reflection on the future and highlighted the need for significant social change to deal with the climate crisis.  At our inception in 1979 sustainability was expressed as ecology. The challenge for Ann Shrosbree and Bill Hamblett that year was to explain the interconnectedness of everything in a children’s puppet show commissioned by The Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth.

Ann and Bill travelled the world, working on theatre for development projects, planting more than a million trees in the desert, learning and connecting with more issues and a growing list of like-minded partners.

Recycling and repurposing

A fundamental principle for Small World Theatre is to use recycled and repurposed materials in all our productions, as well as embedding awareness in our narratives.

We source our materials ethically and repurpose project materials and giant structures wherever possible to extend their life. We aim to significantly reduce the purchase and use of new materials. At times where this is unavoidable, donations of paints, glue, rechargeable batteries etc. can mitigate this.

Why now?  Why re-state our ongoing commitment to the public and the arts in Wales?

We built our near Zero carbon venue as a tangible expression of our commitment to sustainability. For more than a decade this inspirational space has allowed us to further and expand our work, articulating our evolving take on where we and Wales sits in relation to the rest of the planet.

We feel it is important to pass on knowledge accrued and experiences gained in diverse work around the world and ensure this is applied locally. Creatively tackling the pressing issue of climate change and combating the increasing pressure on the earth’s biodiversity is a colossal challenge. Understanding and sharing the awareness of ‘The interconnectedness of everything’ is now, more than ever, crucial for all generations. We know that our audiences over the decades have and will influence policy and go on to teach future generations about the need for a balanced world.

Making art from rubbish