Welsh Language Policy

Small World Theatre (SWT) is an independent theatre company with charitable status. SWT recognises that the Welsh language has official status in Wales and should be treated no less favourably than the English language.

SWT is committed to the principles of the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015. We are committed to ensuring that Welsh language is used to inspire communities across Wales to engage with the arts, environmental issues, cultural stories and innovative digital technology.

Our Welsh Language Policy aims to:

  • Contribute to the arts in Wales to raise the Welsh profile.
  • Deliver the aims of the Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015 to meet the requirements of funders.
  • Offer a service of equal standing to Welsh and English speakers.
  • Provide wider access for Welsh speakers to attend Welsh language workshops and events.



Small World Theatre | Theatr Byd Bychan is identified by its bilingual name used in its branding.


All printed marketing material produced by SWT will be fully bilingual, as well as any documents intended for general public communications; Public Complaints Procedures, Diversity and Inclusions Policy and Privacy Policy.

We encourage visiting artists to produce marketing literature in Welsh and English and we supply translation and support to help with this.

Feedback and Questionnaires

All surveys and questionnaires produced by SWT will be bilingual.

Public signage

All internal and external signage will be bilingual and equal in terms of format, size, quality, legibility and prominence.

Front of House

We aim to ensure that a proportion of our customer-facing staff can communicate bilingually. Welsh-speaking staff/ volunteers will be available to support Welsh language events.

Telephone communications

SWT has a bilingual answer machine message. We aim to ensure that there is a member of staff available who can communicate bilingually. If there isn’t a Welsh speaker available, we will give the customer the option of being referred to a Welsh speaker.

Social media and our digital presence

SWT aims to have a fully bilingual web presence. Our social media presence will include a mix of English, bilingual communications plus original content produced in Welsh. Prepared news will be translated. Content provided by outside sources will be posted in the language of origin.

E-flyers will be sent out bilingually.


Media releases will be issued according to the language preference of the recipient media organisation, journalist or publication.

Where possible we will ensure that Welsh speakers are available to undertake interviews with Welsh language press and broadcast media.

We will strive to provide simultaneous translation facilities wherever appropriate.


All external recruitment advertising will be bilingual except for posts where Welsh is an essential requirement. We will identify posts where the ability to speak Welsh is essential and those where it is desirable.

Welsh-speaking staff and Board of Trustees

We encourage Welsh speakers to use Welsh language. We will not expect Welsh-speaking staff to act as translators and encourage them to interact with the team in Welsh.

Staff development

We encourage our customer-facing staff to learn Welsh or attend refresher courses. We will work with Cered and the Welsh language board to provide opportunities for Welsh language development at work.

Review of Policy

This policy will be reviewed by staff and the Board of Trustees annually.