• To improve emotional well-being amoung young people in Ceredigion
  • To offer coping strategies to groups and individual young people in Ceredigion
  • To work with groups in schools towards a performance around emotional well-being that they can share with their peers
  • To create a safe space where all group members feel heard and respected
  • To give group members tools to better understand themselves and others
  • To raise confidence and self-esteem within individuals


  • To use group agreements, active listening skills, to model kindness, compassion and empathy.
  • To use real stories from the groups to create pieces of Forum Theatre that can be shared with other young people and adults who work with them.
  • To share useful theories from schools of thought such as transactional analysis (understanding our interactions with others) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (understanding how our own thought processes work).
  • To use games and exercises to share, put individuals at ease and to make the sessions fun and inspiring.
  • To share some tried and tested coping strategies with groups to help them deal with negative feelings they may experience.

Programme (some examples of what could be included below)
Example: focus for session

Session 1

Ice breaking games
Group Agreement
Emotional Intelligence

Session 2

Transactional Analysis

Parent/Adult/Child – How we respond to others and how they respond to us.
How to recognise when we are being triggered into behaving a certain way and how to recognise how we could trigger others
The Drama Triangle – How to recognise if we are involved in game playing in a situation or with other people. How to try to step away from this (The Winner’s Triangle)

Session 3

Coping Techniques

Introducing very gentle mindfulness techniques
How our senses can help to ground us and distract us from negative thoughts
Exploring the support systems we have around us that we can access

Session 4

CBT – Thoughts/ Feelings/ Behaviours

How to recognise when our thoughts, feelings and behaviours effect each other and send us into a negative state.