Small World Theatre facilitates workshops in North Ceredigion at Penparcau Family Centre. These are temporarily postponed as we work with COVID restrictions. Amethyst sessions continue online for Year Group 8-13 (aged 12-18). Please contact Deri Morgan for more information

AMETHYST is run by Small World Theatre from its venue in Cardigan. Amethyst uses an unique combination of techniques to look at our relationships to ourselves, others in our lives and society and to find positive solutions for the problems we face. Equally important to the content, is the space we provide which is safe, supportive and non-judgemental. Our priority is that the young people we work with feel listened to, can express themselves and can explore their thoughts and feelings safely.

Feedback from the participants is that working in this way makes them feel listened to and gives them positive ways to explore their feelings and to express themselves. Participants from the project also report an increase in confidence and self-esteem.

Prior to setting up Amethyst, Small World Theatre worked with the Amber project in Cardiff. Small World Theatre experienced working with young people who were experiencing issues around self-harm, anxiety, depression and bullying. The Amber project also reached out to marginalised groups such as young people from care, homeless young people, LGB, transgender and non-binary young people. Amethyst delivers similar workshops through a highly successful working model in West Wales.

The techniques we use include:

  • Forum Theatre (using theatre to explore people’s real experiences and stories).
  • Image Theatre (using still images to explore our feelings and experiences), Elements of Transactional Analysis (such as Parent/Adult/Child roles and the Drama Triangle; looking at victim, persecutor and rescuer roles).
  • Elements of CBT (e.g. the way our feelings, thoughts and behaviours effect each other and negative mental filters).
  • Group Contracting (to provide a safe non-judgemental space).
  • Many fun games (to make us laugh and smile and release endorphins).