Parent/ Guardian Workshop 2019

This year will be running 3 day-long workshops in the North, South and middle of Ceredigion for parents/ guardians of young people who have been affected by these issues. Each workshop will be tailored to a group of 10-20 participants whose children are experiencing mental health issues.

The aim of the workshops is to provide a safe space and the opportunity for participants have honest and open discussions about their feelings and experiences, and to share any thoughts or methods that they have found to work when dealing with difficult situations.

The aim is for participants to learn from each other and start to feel less alone through shared experience. Although we will be exploring a difficult topic, we aim for and hope that the participants will leave the day feeling positive. The workshops are free, but participants will be expected to fund their own travel and bring their own lunch.

The workshop will be made up of a combination of some or all of the following:

  • Fundamental to the way we work, is to initially create a group agreement so the workshop is a safe space where participants can feel at ease to be honest and share their experiences and feelings without judgement.
  • Circle time, creating opportunities for everyone to speak and be heard.
  • Games to ground us, make us laugh and release endorphins.
  • A piece of forum theatre around the subject we are exploring geared particularly towards parents whose children have/are experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • Image theatre, which enables participants to explore their own difficult situations and strong emotions without words, opening up valuable discussion – allowing for honest discussion and the sharing and testing out of solutions
  • We will also touch on Transactional Analysis theories such as the Drama Triangle and CBT theories such as Thoughts/ Feelings/ Behaviours and their effect on each other.