Concerned about your young person’s mental health?

Do you feel unsupported, uninformed, isolated?

Amethyst project is launching two new Support Programmes for parents/guardians whose young people are recently affected by mental health problems. These programmes will be designed around the need of the participants and run online for people from Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. The groups will be small and free of charge.

The past two years have been an exceptionally difficult time and there are now many young people struggling with their mental health. Parents/guardians can often struggle to find the information and support needed.

Last year Amethyst project consulted with members of its Parent/Guardian Support Group to find out what would have been helpful when they first became concerned. They unanimously agreed that accessing Amethyst’s safe, non-judgmental Parent/Guardian Group offered great peer support. They also advised that additional sessions giving down-to-earth advice on specific mental health issues would have been helpful, as well as signposting to specialist support services and information on the rights of a parent.

Get in touch now as Amethyst prepares to launch the online courses in a confidential, safe environment, responding to the needs of the participants. Each course will include elements of neuroscience and transactional analysis theory. They will be helpful in understanding our relationships and responses to others (particularly those we are closest to).

Programme 1: Mondays 9:00 – 10:30

14/2, 21/2, 28/2, 7/3, 14/3/22

Provisional Programme 2: Mondays 16:00 – 17:30

28/2, 7/3, 14/3, 21/3, 28/3

We hope that parents/guardians who come along to these programmes, will go on to joining our regular weekly Parent/Guardian Support Group for continued support from the team.


Please contact Project Manager Deri Morgan