The Holy Relic Seller has unlikely wares. Often based on items considered Holy in Medieval times; Angel feathers, Apostles’ ears sweating in a jar, mouldering Bishops’ fingers. For the really gullible there’s ‘Bottled Voice of St Winifred’ who sings when the cork is pulled out.

Many strange objects hang from this artfully crafted stall and each bears a tale for the passer-by. The air is filled with Frankincense and Sandalwood some who venture close are blessed by the brush of an Angel’s feather duster.

Simon Magus will very rarely part with any of his phoney grave goods, except a few may receive a token bracelet or a sprig of seasonal herbs.

This performance is available to book in 2019. It is at home in Medieval Fairs and brings a performance element to Christmas Markets. Suitable for Banqueting Halls, Castle Heritage events and Pilgrim Paths. The repertoire can be adapted to include local stories, Saints and adventures.