Dydd Iau

3:40pm – 5:10pm
18 + oed

5:10pm – 6:40pm
18 + oed

AeroZen is a playful and accessible form of aerial yoga. It uses a loop of aerial silk – also called a yoga hammock or swing – to re-imagine or refine traditional yoga postures. Classes take the form of flowing movement series, working with breath through a fluid sequence of postures. The hammock is rigged with the loop between knee and hip height, allowing us to move through grounded poses (most of the body in contact with the floor) to flying, inverted and floating postures (the whole body supported by the fabric).
Aerial yoga has multiple benefits for mind and body:

  • allowing deeper/passive stretching by working with gravity, offering greater release with minimal tension and reduced joint strain;
  • increasing core and upper body strength;
  • encouraging neutral alignment, creating space in the body and decompressing the spine;
  • helping to build confidence, conquer fears, encourage curiosity and deepen relaxation.

Classes are 3:40pm – 5.10pm and 5.10pm – 6.40pm on Thursdays. Each class is limited to 8 spaces, and we are currently accepting expressions of interest.

Cysylltwch â Helen am ragor o wybodaeth ac i archebu 01239 615 952.

Syrcas Byd Bychan’s AeroZen Yoga Teacher

Jess Allen

Jess trained as a dancer, latterly with an MA in dance performance from Coventry University and a practice-based PhD in performance and eco-activism from the University of Manchester. She has worked as dance lecturer (contact improvisation/somatics/community dance) and as an aerial performer (counterweight/bungee) for Full Tilt Aerial Theatre, Invisible Circus and inclusive companies Blue Eyed Soul and Everybody Dance, co-leading aerial workshops for disabled and nondisabled children and adults. Her circus experience comes from intensives at Circus Maniacs (Bristol) with a focus on corde lisse and further training with Justine Squire and Rowan Fae. She is a certified AeroZen aerial yoga teacher.