Mae gan Theatr Byd Bychan record gadarn o greu comisiynau a sioeau celf cyhoeddus cyffrous a chynhyrfiol. Ry’n ni’n creu cerfluniau cymalog, automata a llusernau enfawr gan ddefnyddio ystod hollol ryfeddol o ddeunyddiau hapgael, neu a ail-gylchwyd neu ail-bwrpaswyd. Ry’n ni’n creu celfyddyd newydd, ysbrydoledig trwy ddefnyddio deunyddiau y byddai rhai yn eu hystyried yn sbwriel.

Small World Theatre has its roots deeply embedded in eco theatre (as it was referred to in 1979 when Ann Shrosbree and Bill Hamblett began working together). A fundamental principle for Small World Theatre is to use recycled and repurposed materials in all its productions, as well as embedding awareness in our narratives.

Small World Theatre specialises in working with puppetry, visual theatre and animated film. We work with associated artists and actors to develop ideas and work them into projects and performances.

Giant lantern parades and community processions are a speciality of Small World Theatre. We highly recommend this type of event to engage, inspire creativity and attract all ages and abilities.

Small World Theatre works with teachers and lecturers in schools and colleges/ universities across Wales to open access to the arts and theatre. Here are some recent examples.

Small World Theatre works creatively to bring human stories to life and address issues through performance and the power of puppetry.

Small World Theatre places great importance on global citizenship as well as Wales’ Well-being of Future Generations Act. We create unique, flexible theatre that promotes environmental sustainability, equality, individual rights and responsibilities as well as social integration.