Connecting the Celtic Nations

Small World Theatre is excited to announce its new collaboration with Ancient Connections. The Ancient Connections project is a cross-border partnership between Pembrokeshire County Council, Wexford County Council, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Visit Wexford. The partners are working collaboratively on an exciting arts, heritage and sustainable tourism project funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales co-operation programme.

Small World Theatre will co-create two outdoor events, bringing theatre and spectacle to this unique, collaborative project.

Giant St David leads a Pilgrims Welcome 8/5/22

Everyone is invited to a Pilgrims Welcome on 8 May at 3pm in Pembrokeshire’s smallest city of St Davids! Join a procession led by a giant St David, Small World Theatre’s new articulated puppet and choirs singing music with an international flavour arranged by Span Arts. The party will greet Ancient Connections’ Creative Camino artists as they complete the last leg of their pilgrimage journey.

Please join the artists and Small World Theatre at Cross Square Gardens, St Davids at 3pm for a procession into the grounds of St Davids Cathedral.

Illustration of Dewi Sant by Nayfe, Nought Design

Ancient Connections commissioned four performing artists to join a ‘Creative Camino‘ pilgrimage. Artists Ailsa Richardson, Suzi McGregor, Bonnie Boux and Kate Powell are making the journey from Ferns to St Davids on foot. They will be trialling the new 130km trans-national pilgrimage route from Ferns, Co. Wexford to St Davids, Pembrokeshire which is being developed by the British Pilgrimage Trust. The artists will respond creatively to the stories, landscapes and people they encounter in short performances in the grounds of St Davids Cathedral.

Rowan Matthiessen, Ancient Connections project manager.

This project is set to revive and celebrate the ancient links between Ireland and Wales. We are very excited to be working with artists alongside communities in Ireland and Wales to rediscover our shared heritage and find connections in our modern lives.

Ancient Connections also commissioned Small World Theatre (Wales) and Lantern (Ireland) to bring the celebrations to local communities in four exciting events over two years.

Ann Shrosbree, director of Small World Theatre.

This a great opportunity for Small World Theatre to co-create with new partners in Ireland and Wales. We’ve already discovered so much in common, and we can’t wait to introduce our beautiful new giant St David puppet to an audience in his hometown St Davids.

The artist-pilgrims will set off on their journey on Sunday 1 May with a spectacular community festival in Ferns, Co. Wexford; incorporating a lantern parade, costumes and a world premiere performance of a traditional Celtic music piece (composed especially for the event). They reach their destination on Sunday 8 May where they will be given a glorious Pembrokeshire welcome.