We are very excited to share our Localgiving online donations page with you. It’s our first donations page and we decided to work with the Crowdfund Wales Programme who are going to help us raise a target of £2,250. If we reach this target, you will be helping us unlock £250 free money. We would like to raise funds now for the future, beyond Covid-19, to support our community and the arts in Wales.

It is easy to support Small World Theatre’s community work through regular donations online. Just £5 a month can make all the difference as we plan ahead. Your donations help us run aerial training, fund educational projects, provide vital support to associated artists and freelancers, create environmental theatre and present online events and classes. We are grateful for any support – just sharing this page and the link is a help. Thanks so much.


We are looking for Small World Theatre ambassadors to fundraise for the charity. It would be great if you could help and we would love to cover your story. We know we have lots of support in our community and this may be a way to connect and have some fun. If there’s an aspect of our work that you are particularly interested in (Syrcas Byd Bychan, Amethyst, community workshops etc) we can give you more details. You can start a fundraiser using the link on our page or contact Sam


What People Say

I highly recommend Small World Theatre for music events and the arts.

What a very special place. The staff are lovely, and the gigs are amazing. Always a great, fun crowd.

Small World Theatre is beautifully designed and eco friendly too.


“It is a special place to come and teach my yoga classes. The staff are really helpful and great fun too. I have missed this place hugely during this strangest of times and very much look forward to the day we can all return.”
Louise Cook, Breathing Space

“My husband and I took part in one of the Lantern Making workshops in preparation for the festival in December. I have quite bad anxiety and was anxious about attending. Booking in was simple and friendly. The session was well organised and everyone running it was so welcoming, encouraging and patient. We both REALLY enjoyed and are looking forward to the parade! Will definitely look out for future events here.”

“A big thank you to Small World Theatre and all the poets, readers and storytellers that attended Spoken Word Saturday. Inspirational.” Eleanor Shaw, People Speak Up.