Small World Theatre specialises in working with puppetry, visual theatre and animated film. We work with associated artists and actors to develop ideas and work them into projects and performances.

We partners artists and animators to compliment our puppetry skills and create beautiful animated sequences within our shows. We are presently enjoying the symmetry between puppetry, animation and the digital world, learning new Character Animation software with artists animator Sean Vicary to expand our repertoire and present online events on The Digital Stage.


Digital technology is guiding Small World Theatre into new ways of working, particularly through times when COVID restrictions prevent the company from working on live theatre projects. We received timely support from The Arts Council of Wales to explore and experiment with new ground-breaking digital techniques. We have introduced new 2D puppet characters, taking our work online to present a digital programme of events live-streamed and a Welsh language children’s story time event.

Join us for our first Amser Stori including digital puppetry.

Criw’r Coed a’r Gwenyn Coll

A Small World Theatre production for The Digital Stage

Saturday 27/3/21 at 4pm


More information about the project smallworld.org.uk/puppet-theatre/digital-puppets

Shadow Puppetry and Animation


This work was commissioned by Aberystwyth Arts Centre for their exhibition Hanes: tales, stories, legends & myths, running 15 September 2017 – 16 January 2018. The show ran across two of the arts centre’s gallery spaces, and explored three main themes, which were; Wales and Legends, Folk and Fairy Tales, and Mythology. The show features important works by internationally renowned artists David Hockney and Bedwyr Williams. A major focal point was Small World Theatre’e enormous 25 ft tall giant, Bendigeidfran that inhabited the main gallery space.

During a 2-day workshop process, Small World Theatre worked with 14 participants to update an old legend, Cantre’r Gwaelod. The group created characters and made them into beautiful shadow puppets. At the end of the making process, their story was filmed and the footage re-worked by artists Sean Vicary to create this final piece.


Dominika Chuchla, Keith Jackson, Carmel George, Elena Ippendorf, Louise Chennell, Freya Smaldon, Saran Bonser, Megan Fincham, Tamara Ford, Finley Hopson, Sophie Lewis, Leona Maglonzo, Eleonor Badillo, Naomi Vandenberg

Small World Theatre artists and facilitators
Ann Shrosbree and Bill Hamblett

Post productions and compositing
Sean Vicary

Film and photography
Jacob Whittaker

Peter Stacey, Peter Dennett, Adrian Wagner

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