We proudly present our new street theatre show A Lighthouse for Hire in these times of climate catastrophe, where a bespoke, quick response is needed!

Captain Hesperus Jones faces up to rising sea levels and presents his lighthouse for hire on an ancient bicycle. “This peripatetic promontory is increasingly appropriate to areas currently defined as inland” he explains. This short, topical show includes a song followed by a walkabout/peddleabout interaction with crowds and passers-by. “Business as usual will never save the day” sings the Captain “The oceans will come calling and sweep it all away.”

Small World Theatre uses 40-years of experience supporting sustainability to present a fun and engaging performance. It is a delightful, yet thoughtful piece, surfing the zeitgeist wave to get audiences laughing and thinking.

Affordable and ideal for outdoor events in towns, villages and on festival sites. It is so off-beat it is back on-beat while being up-beat cool… Short performances can be scheduled at various times and locations within your event. Suitable for all ages. Contact sam@smallworld.org.uk