This beautiful giant explorer and adventurer, Lady Augusta Llywelyn-Gordon, stands 12 ft tall and has two friendly field assistants to help her.  Participants join her on her field trip as she identifies interesting creatures and features with her specialist equipment (including an impressive giant magnifying glass and binoculars).

This is a quality walkabout performance for a huge variety of occasions. Small World Theatre will work with the organisers to communicate the themes of the event/ festival or with partners to highlight an environmental/ sustainability project.  For example, at Venue Cymru’s take pArt family festival, we ran ‘Build a Swift Nest Box’ workshops alongside the performance in collaboration with North Wales Wildlife Trust, as the Trust had identified a need for more nesting sites.

Lady Augusta Llywelyn-Gordon is qualified in many academic areas. She has studied anthropology, geology, entomology, cosmology, biology, almost every “ology”. She glides through her environment with an air that is redolent of La Belle Epoch, impressing all that see her, while her two friendly assistants negotiate her progress and gather a team of followers who are invited to share their own knowledge of the environment.

Lady A was involved with a year long programme of events and acitivites at Cardigan Castle entertaining families and bringing her valuable knowledge to the site of the first Eisteddfod. She has appeared at The Big Cwtch family festival,  Grimsby’s Festival of the Sea National Waterfront Museum Horniman’s Curious Tea Party hosted by partners Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and Greenwich Dance. Her vast knowledge of wildlife made her the perfect guest at ‘Magnificent Meadows’ National Trust Llanerchaeron where Adam Somerset wrote a lovely review for Theatre in Wales – you can read the full review here Theatre, Ecology and Fun

Lady Augusta is an Edwardian lady of means, with the leisure to pursue her scientific curiosity and interest in nature. Bound by the dress code of her era she is obliged to wear a long skirt and tight bodice, even on a hot and sultry Saturday in July. She is visiting Llanerchaeron with a trio of fellow enthusiasts. One is in waistcoat and bowler hat and summons an audience in Llanerchaeron’s courtyard. Lady Augusta comes with a natural advantage in attracting followers for her wood and meadow explorings. In the hands of Bill Hamblett she is ten feet tall- although “In the hands of” might be better be read as “on the shoulders of.”

But ecological purpose is not a motive force for theatre, although it well may be an incidental result. Its intention is delight and that is what is on show. Lady Augusta herself was to be seen last weekend in that most wonderful of locations, Sydenham’s Horniman Museum. She is now back in her residence above the River Mwldan. Enquiries as to her future explorations should be made to that remarkable Cardigan building that is the home of Small World Theatre. Adam Somerset, Theatre in Wales, July 2014