Lord Rhys is Small World Theatre’s interpretation of a local legend. At 4.2m tall, Lord Rhys is a wonderful presence at any event. His appearance in Castles, Medieval settings and festivals is guaranteed to draw a crowd. Lord Rhys transforms into a puppet booth where puppets and actors play out one or two extraordinary stories.

Storming the Castle
Lord Rhys was the ruler of the kingdom of Deheubarth in Wales 1081 – 1137. He was a charismatic sovereign and responsible for building the first stone castle in Cardigan and establishing the Eisteddfod. In this story he is joined by two performers who tell the tale of storming the Castle. Participation is encouraged from audience members who become part of great battles and the commissioning of a bardic competition.

Princess Nest
A second show tells of Princess Nest. Sometimes known as the Welsh Helen of Troy (the face that launched a thousand coracles) this is a bawdy romp through history. Nest’s life is beautifully told through puppetry and its hilarious, racy content is surprisingly fun for all the family.

Other stories can be commissioned and histories researched to fit your medieval theme – all presented in Small World Theatre’s inimitable style!