Winding Snake Productions and Small World Theatre collaborated on the project Rangoli: Art that Binds supported by the Season, British Council Wales, Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales. Eleven Welsh arts projects are taking Welsh culture to India as part of the UK-India 2017 cultural season.

Welsh and Indian creative professionals traveled to each other’s countries to develop, produce and perform new work. Amy and Ann, the directors of Winding Snake and Small World Theatre, visited India in  February 2017 to build connections and partnership with Indian artists and organisations.

More than 100 people participating in the launch of Rangoli: Art that Binds at Small World Theatre on 15 August 2017.

Rangoli (or kollam) is a women’s decorative artform designed to reflect the natural world. Participants were invited from across the community to make a giant Rangoli with special guest Indian folk artist Rajni Kiran-Jha. People came together to celebrate friendship, art and beauty in dazzling displays of colour, skill and skillshare in an all-day Rangoli making workshop with artists from India and Wales.

A Winding Snake Productions project in partnership with Small World Theatre


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