Small World Theatre’s puppeteers and artists associated with the theatre company, have received timely support from the Arts Council of Wales to explore and experiment with new ground-breaking digital techniques. We will be introducing new 2D puppet characters taking our work online to present a Winter programme of events live-streamed from our venue. Expect to find new puppets as well as some well known characters from Small World Theatre’s repertoire.

The launch of a new Digital Stage will include story time for children, intimate gigs, a Cabaret show and more besides. This is an experiment that’s somewhere between live performance and watching a film. Instead of feeling overly restricted by COVID, we aim to enhance our work using technology, find new ways to engage audiences and reach more people in their homes. We will be doing everything we can to keep the atmosphere on our digital stage as warm and friendly and the real life version.

“It’s challenging inhabiting a 2D body folks”

says Beyond Compere (aka Bill Hamblett)

“but, I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time – ah time, that’s another dimension… I’m feeling more confident already!”

For more details about forthcoming events and to re-connect, please keep visiting the website.