2 PLACES AVAILABLE (last updated 25/7/19)

Syrcas Byd Bychan presents a Summer School for existing and experienced students aged 16+.

A set of four morning workshops where you’ll build on foundation skills whilst improving strength and flexibility. You’ll focus on using different pieces of equipment each day to widen your knowledge and understanding of the importance of transferable skills.

Monday 12th – Aerial Hoop with Rachel Mayes
During this workshop you will be working on a series of tricks and sequences using the aerial hoop. The group will be working on both dynamic and static poses underneath and inside the hoop to create pretty shapes and combo’s.

Tuesday 13th – Aerial Silks with Rachel Mayes
During this workshop you will be working on a series of climbs and tricks using the aerial silks. You will work on creating pretty shapes, combinations and transitions between moves whilst be focusing on technique and body awareness.
Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th with Olga Kaleta
In her coaching Olga focuses on strength and creativity. During the workshop you will work on developing your understanding of the principles that underline the relationship between body and the apparatus. We will work on developing dynami skills, explore some quirky climbs and knots. We will also look at rope specific conditioning excerises to enable you to continue developing your practice after the workshops

£90 (for four morning sessions)

Session times: 10:00am-12:30pm

Level: Intermediate and beyond

Please book using the ticket below or call 01239 615 952. We are available to take your calls Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 4:30pm, thanks.

Rachel Mayes
Rachel grew up in West Wales near Aberaeron and began her circus career in Bristol in her mid 20’s. She is a graduate of Circomedia’s School of Contemporary Circus & Physical Performance where she specialised in Aerial and Hula Hoop. She performs and teaches masterclasses and workshops across the UK and can’t wait to come back to her roots to teach some workshops to you!

Olga Kaleta

Olga Kaleta was born in Krakow. Her passion for circus emerged from love of theatre.  She is interested in the creative process from the perspective of a performer and a director. She studied Theatre and Drama at Jagiellonian University. In 2008 she moved to Cardiff and begun training as an aerialist with NoFit State Community. She graduated from Circomedia in 2015, specialising in Corde Lisse and Physical Performance.

She performs regularly with Mary Bijou Cabaret and Social Club, collaborates with Splatch and co-runs street performance company The Bad Eggs. She regularly teaches for NoFit State Circus.