Aerial Yoga
4pm – 5.15pm

Aerial yoga combines elements of traditional yoga and aerial circus, using a hammock of aerial silk to stretch, strengthen, invert and unwind. It’s both mindful and playful; the focus of yoga combined with the fun of playing in the park…

A typical class builds from grounded poses (most of the body in contact with the mat) through to inverted and flying poses (upside down and off the floor) and finishes with floating relaxation in a gently swinging hammock. Classes are welcoming and supportive, encouraging curiosity and a non-judgmental approach to movement, with pose modifications offered to suit a range of skills. Participants report increased confidence, flexibility, core/upper body strength and even a sense of euphoria! No experience necessary, although participants can benefit from previous yoga experience.

Participant feedback:

Just the best course ever! Nothing has helped my back feel better than these classes… there’s no pressure to do anything you can’t and always an alternative movement. It’s also fab for the brain/mind

I enjoyed it so much it really lifted my spirits. I could feel the benefits

Beginners are welcome and no experience necessary. Booking is essential, please contact 01239 615 952.


Aerial Sling
5.30pm – 7pm

Please book half a term in advance.

Aerial sling – also known as aerial hammock – is a new and increasingly popular aerial circus discipline that uses a giant loop of aerial silk. It draws from both trapeze and aerial silks vocabulary to create beautiful static poses or dynamic sequences. Sling is a great entry point for aerial circus as it’s one of the more comfortable pieces of apparatus to start learning how to make shapes in the air!

Over the course of each half term we will work on developing strength, core technique and vocabulary and learning short sequences.

Beginners are welcome and no experience necessary. Booking is essential, please contact 01239 615 952.

New Aerial Sling Classes with Jess!

Not sure which class is for you?

Aerial yoga is a mindful practice that focuses on alignment/ posture, deep stretching, core strengthening, inversions and developing confidence. This is an accessible form of aerial – or a playful form of yoga – that encourages an all-round sense of wellbeing. It can also be a great preparation for, or companion to, aerial sling or mixed aerial circus classes.

Aerial sling is an aerial circus discipline that focuses on developing strong core technique, aesthetics and performance. This requires a greater degree of strength and flexibilty but is taught in a fun and supportive environment that welcomes beginners. If you’re not sure you’re ready, aerial yoga is a great preparation for attending an aerial sling class.

Syrcas Byd Bychan’s AeroZen Yoga Teacher

Jess Allen

Jess trained as a dancer, latterly with an MA in dance performance from Coventry University and a practice-based PhD in performance and eco-activism from the University of Manchester. She has worked as dance lecturer (contact improvisation/somatics/community dance) and as an aerial performer (counterweight/bungee) for Full Tilt Aerial Theatre, Invisible Circus and inclusive companies Blue Eyed Soul and Everybody Dance, co-leading aerial workshops for disabled and nondisabled children and adults. Her circus experience comes from intensives at Circus Maniacs (Bristol) with a focus on corde lisse and further training with Justine Squire and Rowan Fae. She is a certified AeroZen aerial yoga teacher.