Family Ground-based Circus

10:00 – 13:00
6 – 10 years
1 adult + 1 child £12 | 1 adult + 2 children £15

A unique opportunity for families to enjoy learning ground based circus skills in a safe and relaxed environment. Play theatre games, learn some Acro balance and have a go at hula hooping, juggling and other circus skills. These sessions will be suitable for most abilities and aimed at the whole family. A chance for parents and grandparents to use their creativity; a shared experience building confidence with skills to take away.

Youth Ground-based Circus

10:00 – 12:00
11 – 18 years
£9 per person | 2 people £15

Learn new ground based circus skills, using your bodies in a positive and supportive way. We will have a look at basic tumbling, balancing ourselves and each other. We will learn how to lift each other safely in lots of different ways, understanding core basics for basing and flying. No need to come with a partner as we will be mixing up lifting and flying!