Near Zero Carbon Venue

Theatr Byd Bychan is home to Small World Theatre and an iconic building, recognised by Design Commission for Wales as a great design built for the environment.

This is a distinctive public building which fulfills an ambitious brief to build ‘A Creative Space for a Creative Community’, with highly commendable sustainability credentials… a testament to the dedication of the team who have achieved a very special project for the community of Cardigan.

Working with local architect Olly Llewelyn, we built the venue using materials from renewable or recycled sources. We employed local labour, minimising materials with high embodied energy and we installed services powered by renewable sources.

Work is ongoing and we continually look for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of the venue.

Here are some of the features that have been achieved:

High levels of natural light and ventilation
A large percentage of the building’s insulation is made from recycled material producing (recycled desiccated newsprint)
A space heating and cooling system uses an air source heat pump feeding under floor heating on 2 levels producing a ratio of up to 3.5 times heat output to power input.
Solar Voltaic Panels that supply just under 4 kilowatts of electricity
Solar Thermal Unit supplying hot water to the taps and shower
Rainwater harvesting recycling system for all hot water and toilet dual flush
Using local timber in the structural frame – the main structural timbers are from a managed woodland
The re-use of Cardigan brick in the lobby. These bricks were fired about 100 years ago just a few hundred yards away from clay dug from the site
Minimal structural steel
Frontage is timber frame, with clay / lime render on willow lath & lime paint
Roofs are covered in sedum, which reduces water run off and increases biodiversity
All labour from local community (including a group of loyal volunteers) keeping the money in the local economy
Cut and fill in groundwork to obviate off-site disposal
Solar gain from atrium
Double glazed windows, argon filled
Brownfield site


We arrange bespoke tours. Please get in touch for more information and to discuss your requirements. Contact Helen 01239 615 952

Towards a Zero Carbon Organisation

The organisation is forging a carbon free future. The dynamic mix of Small World Theatre’s venue, projects and performances reflect the belief that we need flexible and robust tools to negotiate a changing world environment.