Small World Theatre gives everyone the chance to discover new skills and be inspired. We bring creative learning and Participatory Theatre into schools, colleges and universities.

Our touring theatre in education shows are in Welsh and English with dedicated workshops, curriculum mapping and teaching resources.

We are an experienced AGORED Accreditation Centre working with creative education in the community to help people of all ages and abilities gain meaningful qualifications.

Our work supports the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and we are members of Cynal Cymru’s Sustain Wales. Our ethos promotes sustainability and the arts through content and, the use of sustainable materials in our shows and workshops.

Sustainability and Global Awareness (ESDGC)

Small World Theatre’s performances and workshops focus on a range of sustainable development and social issues. Our experience in Overseas Development has shown us how important it is for the future that young people understand and act positively and responsibly in their role as global citizens. Arts based methods provide an accessible route to understanding complex problems.

Our commissions

We have worked with Oxfam, Save the Children, S.O.S Sahel, The Centre for Alternative Technology, the UN the EU and others to create theatre and participatory arts projects over many years, on a range of issues.

Our project examples

Small World Theatre in partnership with Ceredigion Alcohol and Substance Misuse Team (SMAT) regularly deliver Alcohol Awareness programmes in schools. By devising short plays with the participants based on their experiences and perceptions, the whole school and extended family (who become their audience) also learn about the pressures. The aim is a reduction in the number of young people drinking alcohol and ensuring they have the skills and guidance to make informed choices in the future. “I don’t think my children will be pressurised into under age drinking now, after this project.” Parent 2015

Climart is a 3 to 5 day residency programme that works with a class, a whole year group or the entire school to explore the issue of climate change as it affects us here in Wales. Participants express their understanding of the issue by producing a stunning piece of art for the school.

Diversity training a 4 to 6 hour diversity training module downloadable free here. This was developed by the six European partners in a Gruntvig project, ‘Creative in Difference’.

Arts Engagement Training programmes are targeted at practitioners who work with young people not in education, employment or training. Courses are accredited through Agored in a wide range of subjects, contact for more information.

Participatory arts workshops for children, schools and intergenerational groups including:

  • Rewilding Families: Kite Making, Wild Monster Making, Dinosaur Making and Racing, Dragon Making and Racing
  • Surviving The Great Outdoors
  • Lantern Making
  • Giant Processional Puppets
  • Box Cart Making
  • Shadow Puppetry
  • Drama
  • Mime
  • Puppetry Master Classes
  • Forum Theatre, Legislative Theatre
  • Theatre for Development
  • Education for Sustainability e.g. Fashion Unfair, Refugee Awareness, Rights of the Child

and so much more…