is a Small World Theatre project. We run workshops for young people who have experienced issues around self-harm, anxiety, depression, low confidence and low self-esteem. Amethyst also works with young people more broadly around emotional well-being.

Amethyst prioritises creating a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space. We model kindness, empathy, honesty and integrity. Using techniques from ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ such as forum theatre and image theatre, elements of Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuroscience, games and exercises, we promote well-being and improve mental health. We work from the onset with each group to negotiate a clear, ongoing contract involving all members.

This page is the latest project information and developments. If you’d like to know more, or have someone who you think would benefit from Amethyst support, please contact us. 01239 615 952/

Our current services

How Amethyst began and its achievements

AMETHYST was set up by Small World Theatre in 2017 for young people facing difficulties with their mental health. The project was based in Small World Theatre’s venue in Cardigan, headed up by its Project Manager Deri Morgan and included a team and volunteers. It ran weekly support sessions during term times and continued in this format until 2019 when covid-19 appeared.

The project’s team used a proven combination of theatre techniques to look at relationships (with themselves and with others) and find positive solutions for problems faced in daily lives. Equally important, was the space the project provided: a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental space that prioritised the young people so that they felt listened to and could explore their thoughts and feelings.

Amethyst uses the following techniques:

Forum Theatre – using theatre to explore people’s real experiences and stories
Image Theatre – using still images to explore our feelings and experiences.
Elements of Transactional Analysis – such as Parent/Adult/Child roles and the Drama Triangle; looking at victim, persecutor, and rescuer roles. The way that these affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
Elements of neuroscience – understanding our brains and nervous systems.
Group Contracting – to provide a safe non-judgemental space.
Many fun games – to make us laugh and smile and release endorphins.

Past project work

Amethyst facilitated workshops in South and North Ceredigion at Small World Theatre and Penparcau Family Centre. Regularly meeting small groups of referred young people.

Launched Junior Schools Programme
Working in schools in Ceredigion to improve emotional well-being and offer coping strategies to groups and individuals. During a series of workshops in schools, the groups created a performance around emotional well-being that they shared with their peers.

2019 – present
Launched Parent/Guardian Support Group
This year Amethyst launched its first support group in Ceredigion for parents/guardians of young people affected by mental health issues. Face-to-face workshops were tailored to the groups’ needs.

Amethyst Animations
Amethyst created a series of animated films working with its regularly groups and a digital artist in South Ceredigion. These personal films were about their own mental health and their experiences of the project and its support workers.

Amethyst Taster Sessions
Amethyst began by piloting the project to referred individuals. Amethyst made links with CAMHS, local schools, youth groups, GPs and other statutory/third sector organisations.

Meet the Team

Deri Morgan
Amethyst is headed up by Deri Morgan. Prior to setting up Amethyst, Deri Morgan worked with the Amber project in Cardiff and Theatr Forum Cymru. Her experience with young people is around self-harm, anxiety, depression, and bullying. Amethyst now delivers similar support with a highly skilled team of associates.

Hannah Rackham
Youth worker extraordinaire! She specialises in support, benefitting young people with mental health for 27+ years. Hannah uses forum theatre techniques alongside Deri and specialises in one-to-one support.

Jo Grace
A trauma informed psychotherapist, with 20+ years’ experience working therapeutically and creatively with young people.

Sam Vicary
Sam is a member of Small World Theatre’s team who assists Amethyst with creative therapeutic classes.

Associates and advisors
Glenn Newman
Independent Systemic Psychotherapist and Trainer, Glenn facilitates supervisory support meetings for the Amethyst team.