is a Small World Theatre project. We run workshops for young people who have experienced issues around self-harm, anxiety, depression, low confidence and low self-esteem. Amethyst also works with young people more broadly around emotional well-being.

Amethyst prioritises creating a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space. We model kindness, empathy, honesty and integrity. Using techniques from ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ such as forum theatre and image theatre, elements of Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuroscience, games and exercises, we promote well-being and improve mental health. We work from the onset with each group to negotiate a clear, ongoing contract involving all members.

Amethyst during COVID-19

We continue to develop ways to support young people and carers during these challenging times. Throughout 2020 COVID-19 restrictions in Wales, our project workers have delivered online to groups in Cardigan and Aberystwyth. We extended our reach and engaged with others aged 14-18 years and delivered support to the parents/ guardians of those young people.

Although we hope to be back working face to face as soon as it is safe, we are continuing online for the time being.

Inviting interest from young people and their families in 2021

We have new opportunities that we’d like to share with you. Please get in touch with the project leader, Deri Morgan, for more details or to express an interest

Parent and Guardian Support Group


Immediate support for parents and guardians of young people struggling with their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. The Amethyst project has funding to support a new group of parents/ guardians starting 2/3/21. Please do not hesitate to contact Deri 

Family Well-being Work

Starting soon

This project is a development of our online work in 2020. We are carrying forward our experience working online and offering a programme of weekly sessions for small groups of young people. We are also offering their parents/ guardians the opportunity to meet up in separate online sessions, as well as supportive sessions with both groups working together.

The sessions will focus on relationships, building resilience and exploring coping strategies. Once you have completed the programme, we aim to finds ways to continue to support individuals and family groups or refer you to other projects. Please get in touch with Deri to find out more and to discuss your requirements

Art Workshops

18 – 25 years
Launching 1/4/21

Working with art and therapeutic practices, Amethyst offers the chance to be creative as well as to talk. We are inviting young adults 18 – 25 years old, who have been struggling with their wellbeing, to join a new programme of 6 arts-based workshops to explore art techniques and improve resilience and well-being. Please get in touch with Deri to find out more and to book a place

SCHOOLS during COVID-19 restrictions

Junior Schools

Amethyst has worked successfully for two-years with Year 6 in Primary Schools across Ceredigion. Responding to the current COVID-19 restrictions in education, Amethyst has developed a programme to work with Year 6 girls online. The project covers 4 main areas; healthy relationships, resilience, identity, transition to Secondary School.

We are also able to provide a programme covering the above areas for mixed gender groups. If you are a school that’s interested in taking part in this opportunity, please get in touch with Deri for more information or to discuss your requirements

Secondary Schools

After consulting with funders and teaching staff, we have created a programme designed to reach young people and support them with their mental health during these difficult, restrictive times.

Amethyst offers online sessions for groups and is happy to discuss bespoke requirements with interested schools. Our current programme covers resilience, coping strategies, exploring healthy relationships with ourselves and others, as well as raising awareness around mental health issues

At the moment the sessions will be delivered through the medium of English. We may be able to offer a small number of individual sessions with Amethyst workers online once the group sessions have been established. We will always refer participants to other organisations for further support if we feel that they need it. Please get in touch with Deri to discuss your requirements

6th Form Mentoring Training

Amethyst has recently been awarded funding to work with groups of 6th formers in Ceredigion to train them in peer mentoring. We will be working with 2 schools in the county to deliver this programme.

Ambassadors for Connect to Kindness

Amethyst has joined the campaign to take action and ‘Connect to Kindness’ in the communities of Ceredigion.

The five key messages are:

Kindness is for everyone – kindness is inclusive, it knows no barriers or discrimination and is for everyone
Kindness is good for you – medical research has proven that being kind and, receiving kindness has a positive physical effect on us.
Kindness connects us – it brings us together and helps us share
Kindness protects us – it has been proven that being kind and receiving kindness helps us to live longer, happier lives
Kindness is inspiring – When others are kind, we are more likely to be kind ourselves

Please find out more on the website

Past Amethyst Programmes

A series of animations were created by participants to demonstrate the value of the project. Supported by Cynnal y Cardi.